Architecture Project

We were very lucky to have had some visitors to our class. Some architects came into our class to help us with our own architecture project! They helped us to design and make our own buildings. We looked at and considered what our buildings would be used for and what they needed in order to make sure they served that purpose. We came up with some fantastic imaginative designs!

Click here to see photos.

What was the purpose of your buildings? What did you need to make sure your building had? What did you find difficult when constructing your building?

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CLC visit

4A went on a trip to the CLC (Communication and Learning Centre) today. We were able to use a computer program called ‘wedo’ which allowed us to build and control our own Lego models!

I was so impressed with everyone’s Lego building and programming skills.

What key vocabulary can you remember from the session? What next steps would you like to have done if you had more time?

Here are some photos of us hard at work.

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Creating our own computer game!

Next term we will be designing and creating our own computer game.

Before we start we need to see what other games are available and think about what we like and dislike about them.

Take a look at the links below, have a play and think about the following questions:
What do you notice about the games?

What are the algorithms behind them?

What sets the good game apart? context? Challenge? progression?

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What is Climate Change?

We have just started our new topic of Climate Change.

Over the holidays your home learning is to research Climate change, what is means and what impact it can have.

You can present your findings in whatever way you want.

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Science and Engineering Week

We had a Sciencetastic week in 4A! We investigated Tea Bag Rockets, we tried to inflate a balloon using yeast, sugar and warm water, we made Oobleck (slimy!) and had a visit from a farm!

4A were superstar scientists and I was so impressed with all their hard work.

Can you remember why the Tea Bag Rockets took off? Or what kind of liquid Oobleck is? What about the gas that is created to inflate the balloon?


Click here to see our wonderful photos.

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Internet Safety

We had some amazing guest teachers in 4A this week…….. some members of Year 6! They had prepared a lesson for us on internet safety. We learnt a great deal about how to stay safe online and what to do if you’re not sure or worried about something.

Click here for more photos of the session.

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Estimating Area


Our maths work this week in 4A is about calculating area. We decided to go outside and do some estimating of some real world areas we visit everyday…… the playground!

We have estimated the area of various parts of the playground using steps, hands or observations and will be measuring them accurately later this week with various measuring equipment to see how close we were.

Click here to see us in action!

Can you remember the formula for calculating area?

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Image result for symmetry

In 4A this week we have been learning about symmetry. We were exploring what makes something symmetrical, where we see symmetry in the real world and even created some of our own symmetrical designs.

As well as producing some fantastic work in our books we also had a go at reflecting each others movements. Have a look at our pictures below.

What examples can you give of where we might see symmetry in the real world?

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Fraction Challenge

This week 4A have been working incredibly hard with all things fractions! We have been learning about different types of fractions, equivalent fractions, how they are linked to decimals and percentages, how to add and subtract them as well as working out fractions of amounts!

On Friday we put all these newly acquired skills to the test with some fraction challenges. See how we got on below.

4A, what did you find out this week that you didn’t know already?

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Gregory Cool Home Learning

Image result for gregory cool

Since we have returned for the spring term we have been doing lots of fantastic work around a book called Gregory Cool. For your home learning over the weekend I would like you to research Trinidad and Tobago (where Gregory is visiting his relatives). What can you find out about the animals, food, culture? Where is Tobago?

You can present your findings however you would like. You could design a poster, an information booklet, a report or perhaps a different way of your choice.

I look forward to seeing what you find out! Happy researching!

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