Mouse Bird Snake Wolf

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As part of our Power of Reading scheme, we have been reading Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond. 4A have produced some fantastic work around the book including proclamations, letters, art from nature and we even held a debate!

What did you enjoy about the book?

Do you think the book had a moral to it? If so what?

Click here to have a look at some of our fantastic art work.


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This past half term the whole school has been looking at book called ‘Quest’ by Aaron Becker. The book has no text just fantastic illustrations which the story is told through. In 4A we did some fantastic art work inspired by the book. We even made a wax rainbow using crayons and a hairdryer!

What did you like best about the story?

What work inspired by the book did you enjoy  completing?

See us hard at work here.

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Classifying Teeth

This term we have been learning all about animals including humans during our science lessons. We have been looking at the functions of different types of teeth. In order to understand the job our teeth do without us even realising, we put our teeth to the test by eating an apple!

What did you find out?

What did you notice when eating the apple?

Click here to see how we got on!

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Spelling Homework

Below is a list of this terms spellings. The children are tested on each weeks spellings on a Friday.


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A new member of the class!

All the children in 4A have been showing me how trustworthy they are and have even been writing me persuasive letters regarding getting a class pet.

I have been so impressed with the class and I think they are responsible enough so……………

Meet Dele

He’s a bit of a climber!

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Welcome to 4A!

What a fantastic start to Year 4 everyone has made! I am looking forward to a fantastic year together in 4A.

Remember to check the blog regularly for photos and information regarding the children’s learning.

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